The transects and the thermometer are at -13 meters depth on the outer slope.
15°0.843'S/148°17.111'W (conversion DM/DMS)

The Polynesia Mana since 1994

Icon Corail 35px The analysis of the coral cover is done using three methods:
Photo-quadrat coral transect
Coral survey by "manta tow"
Underwater seascape photography
You can access to and to the photo quadrats

YearRugosity parallelRugosity perpendicularHeight SD parallelHeight SD perpendicular
20201.5800 (sd 0.0607)1.4920(sd 0.0576)0.10810.1099
20221.7049 (sd 0.1016)1.5729(sd 0.0702)0.11840.1240
20241.6676 (sd 0.0829)1.5313(sd 0.0468)0.10860.1125

Icon Poisson 35px The fish are estimated using ichtyological assessment.
Here are the data
Icon Temp The temperature is recorded using the SBE 56 Thermometer.
Here are the thermometer data

Tikehau 2014
Quadrat n°10 on the outer slope of Tikehau, in 2014/CRIOBE

3D reconstruction of the site (2020)/CRIOBE

3D reconstruction of the site (2022)/CRIOBE

3D reconstruction of the site (2024)/CRIOBE

Historique Tikehau

Mission Août 2018
Yannick Friday September 28, 2018

Nouveau thermo Hobo U22 # série : 203 306 63 -posé start logging 22/08/2018 à 17H

Polynesia Mana - Tikehau 2018 - Gilles/Marguerite
Trajet :
- Mission du lundi 20 au vendredi 24 aout
- Total des bagages = 75 kg soit 45 kg en supplément (270 ... <more>