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The study of the fish communities is achieved using three belt transects of 5 m x 50 m, which represents a projected surface of 250m2 each.

This method of visual census while scuba diving consists in writing down all the individuals classified by species and sizes encountered in a volume delimited by the seabed and the surface 5 m wide and 50 m long.

The transects are positioned in the same zone as the coral survey. One is directly over the photographic coral survey and the other two are positioned at 25 m on both sides of the first one at the same depth. The numbering of the transects is from 1 to 3 from right to left while looking at the coast when the transects are parallel to the coast. This is the case for all the sites except Samoa, Tiahura and Entre 2 Baies. For Tiahura and Entre 2 Baies, the transects are positioned along the spurs perpendicular to the coast and in Samoa around a pinnacle by numbering from right to left while facing the pinnacle.

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