Calibration every 2-3 years

SBE16 2

The SBE 16

The SBE 16plus V2 is a multiparameter probe that can measure temperature (°C) and salinity by conductivity as standard. The SBE 16 can optionally be equipped with additional sensors.
For the SO CORAIL, the additional sensors are:



Integrated sensors

Temperature and salinity

The salinity sensor and the thermometer are from Sea-Bird and are installed as standard on the probe. The salinity is measured through conductivity.

Salinity and thermometer drifts are very low (except major incidents) and are normally corrected when the probe is sent for calibration (every second year). However, the conductivity sensor can get progressively dirty, which lead to lower conductivity readings and a tendency to a non linear variation with time depending on the water conditions. Thus the cleaning of the sensor between 2 immersions.

Salinity units
Salinity can be expressed in g/kg, g/l, in %0 or in Practical Salinity Unit (PSU) the latest written without unit. This PSU defines the salinity in terms of conductivity ratio:

The practical salinity (symbol S) of a sea water sample is function of the ratio K of the electrical conductivity of the sample at 15°C at the normal atmospheric pressure to the electrical conductivity of a solution of potassium chlorure. A value of 1 for K defines as PSU of 35.

Since the introduction of the practical salinity scale, the salinity is not defined as a mass ratio and is now expressed without unit (like the pH for instance).

Studied sites

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