Passe Papeete

The transects are at -10 meters depth on the outer slope.
17°32.180'W/149°35.923'S (conversion DM/DMS)

The Polynesia Mana since 1996

Icon Corail 35px The analysis of the coral cover is done using three methods:
Photo-quadrat coral transect
Coral survey by "manta tow"
Underwater seascape photography %% Photogrammetry
You can access to and to the photo quadrats

YearRugosity parallelRugosity perpendicularHeight SD parallelHeight SD perpendicular
20191.6960 (sd 0.0648)1.6225(sd 0.0534)0.30930.1034
20211.6480 (sd 0.0956)1.6068(sd 0.0749)0.27070.0930
20231.7285 (sd 0.0904)1.6476(sd 0.1016)0.29290.0999

Icon Poisson 35px The fish are estimated using ichtyological assessment depuis 2009.
Here are the data

Quadrat n°10 on the outer slope of Tahiti Passe, in 2015/CRIOBE

3D reconstruction of the site (2019)/CRIOBE
3D reconstruction of the site (2021)/CRIOBE

Click here to access an interactive video to compare 2019 and 2021 (warning 200MB of video)

Historique Passe Papeete (Tahiti)

Mission 2017
gsiu Friday June 30, 2017
Les trois transects poissons sont à l'ouest du transect quadrat cette année à cause d'une erreur de positionnement du bateau. Donc dans l'ordre cette année d'est en ouest : transect quadrat, transect 3 poissons, transect 2 poissons, transect 1 ... <more>

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