MPA fish assessment

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The sampling technique used to study the fish communities is the belt transect in a UVC Underwater Visual Census.: a 25 m linear transect is placed at the center of a 2 m width belt. The delimited area is used to compute a number of fish per sqare meter.

The fish are identified to the species level (more than 160 species up to now) on the 3 stations in each determined zone. Each census is achieved in the 50 m² belt transect (fixed distance sampling) where the size of each fish is estimated (in cm).



1)  2020-03-30
Série Galzin
2)  2020-05-05
Suivi Tiahura Moorea
3)  2020-06-13
Kiritimati (Christmas Island)
4)  2020-07-21 09:17
Piahena - Moorea (Entre deux baies)
5)  2020-08-17
6)  2020-09-21
Série Galzin