Sampling techniques for corals, molluscs, echinoderms and fish at Tiahura, from 1971 to 1997

CommunitiesYearSampling strategySampling method
Coral1979, 1982 and 19955 10m transects on 9 stations (3 on the fringing reef, 2 on the barrier reef and 4 on the outer slope at -5, -10, -20 and -30mCoral length by interception
 from 1987 to 1993  20 0,25m² (0,5mx0,5m) quadratsCoral surface by vertical projection
Molluscsfrom 1971 to 19951 5m² (2x2,5m) over 4 on the radiale of TiahuraQualitative sample
Echinodermsfrom 1971 to 1995All the 5m² (2x2,5m) quadrats or 1 over 4 on the radiale of Tiahura depending on the speciesIndividuals count
Fish1983, from 1987 to 19971 100m² (2x50m) sampled 4 times consecutively on the fringing reef, barrier reef and on the outer slope (-12m)Individuals count