The SO CORAIL, throughout its Probes and those of its partners give access to the following physico-chemical data:

  • the temperature (C°) is measured by  SBE 16plus V2, SBE 26 Houlographe, SBE 56 Thermographe and to the CTD
  • the conductivity (S.m-1) is measured using the SBE 16plus V2 and the CTD
  • the specific conductivity is measured with the CTD
  • the salinity is measured with the SBE 16plus V2 and the CTD
  • the dissolved oxygen (mℓ.ℓ-1) and the saturated oxygen (%saturation) is measured using SBE 43 Oxy
  • the pH (S.I.) is measured using the SBE 18 pH
  • the turbidity (N.T.U.) is measured using the FLNTU
  • the significant height (cm) and the significant period (s) of the waves are given by the SBE 26 Houlographe
  • the depth measures are done with the CTD
  • the density (Kg/m3) is given by the CTD
  • the speed of sound (m/s) is recorded by the CTD
  • the pressure (decibar) is given by the Sonde CTD

Nutrients analysis

  • Phosphate PO4 (µM)
  • Nitrates NO3 (µM)
  • Nitrites NO2 (µM)
  • Silice Si(OH)4 (µM)
  • Ammonium NH4+ (µM)