A hydrography and topography firm, Géopolynésie was founded in 2005 in French Polynesia by Christian Friot, category B (FIG-OHI-ACI) hydrographe trained at SHOM.

Icon Temp Measured parameters
celerity linked to salinity (pas) and temperature (°C)
density (Kg/m3)
conductivity (µS/cm)
specific conductivity (µS/cm)
depth (m)
pressure (decibar)
sond speed (m/s)
GPS coordinates
Used hardware
A Castaway CTD probe allow hydrologic profiles to be captured down to 100m deep.
Studied sites
Géopolynésie samples many islands in French Polynesia in the lagoon and also in the outer slope. The sites are placed on the following map with data in the attached file.