Castaway CTD probe

A CTD (Conductivity Temperature Depth) probe is used for oceanographic physics to measure conductivity, temperature and depth.
It is used by Geopolynesie for bathymetric and hydrologic measures.


Conductivity0 to 100.000 µS/cm1 µS/cm0.25% ±5 µS/cmMeasured
Density990 to 1035 kg/m30.04 kg/m3± 0.02 kg/m3EOS80
Depth0 to 100 m0.01 m ±0.25% FSEOS80-
Pressure0 to 100 dBar0.01 dBar0.25% of FSMeasured
Salinityup to 420.01±0.1PSS-78
Sound velocity1400 to 1730 m/s0.01 m/s±0.15 m/sChen-Millero
Specific conductivity0 to 250,000 µS/cm1 µS/cm0.25% ±5 µS/cmEOS80
Temperature-5 to +45°C0.01°C±0.05°CMeasured

source : http://www.sontek.com/productsdetail.php?CastAway-CTD-11


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