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The macro algae have been sampled on the fringing reef and the barrier reef since and as soon as 1971 along the transect of Tiahura

Sampling strategy for macro algae on the radiale of Tiahura since 1971 (x: sampled genus; -: genus present but not sampled; Absente?: unsure of presence in 1971). The frequency of the sampling is in accordance to the sampling units on the radiale
Algues Tiahura

The corals
Two distinct temporal series have been retained to study the long term variability of the coral community.

  • The first sampling, in 1979 and 1982, covers the three geomophological units of the Tiahura reef (fringing reef, barrier reef and outer slope).
  • The second sampling took place from 1987 to 1993, only on the barrier reef of Tiahura. In general, 28 sampling units were initially set up in 1987 among them 20 have been continuously sampled.

The qualitative sampling on the radiale of Tiahura in 1971 was followed up using the same protocole in 1995. All the individuals of size over 5mm have been sought in 5 m² sampling units. The molluscs have been classified in four diets: 1. detritivorous; 2. herbivorous; 3. filter-feeder and 4. carnivorous.

The echinoderms have been sampled in 1971 and 1995 on the radiale of Tiahura.

See Long-Term Tiahura.

Summary of ecological data used for each community (RF: fringing reef; RB: Barrier reef; PE: Outer slope)

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