This atoll has been studied from November 25th to December 8th 2014.
Mopelia Fig2

Satellite image of Mopelia with stations marked in red for experimental fishing and underwater visual census in blue

Fish were captured on 18 sites of experimental fishing using anaesthetics and spear gun (maps and table). These fish have been identified and for each species at least one picture and one tissue sample have been taken for genetic analysis ans for C to N ratio in order to evaluate the trophic level of the species.

Underwater visual census has been conducted at each site using files A and B for the fish and C for the substrate

  • the first file is for all species counts by size on a fixed belt transect of 250 m2 (50m x 5m). One file per diver.
  • the second file is for all species counts by size on variable width transects of 50m long. Two divers work together one above, one below and share species by family. The files of both divers are assembled on file B.
  • one diver at the end of the fish census evaluate the substrate using MSA file C on 250 m2 (50m x 5m).

Scilly Fiche

Census file

References Clua E., Legendre P., Vigliola L., Magron F., Kulbicki M., Sarramegna S., Labrosse P., Galzin R., 2006- Medium scale approach (MSA) for improved assessment of coral reef habitat. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol., 333 : 219-230.

Mopelia Fig1

Schematics of Mopelia Island with locations of stations marked in red for experimental fishing and underwater visual census in blue

Table 1. Fish capture sites, geographic location, and sampling methods

StationLatitudeLongitudeDepth(m)DayMonthYearMethodReef typesubstrate
MO3 -16,845717-153,98035102122014Visual censusOuter slope-
MO3 -16,844617-153,9809517-252122014AnaestheticOuter slope-
MO4 -16,8472 -153,93785102122014Visual censusOuter slope-
MO4 -16,84745-153,9328315-222122014 AnaestheticOuter slope-
MO1 -16,79855-153,9329103122014Visual censusOuter slope-
MO1 -16,791317-153,9362820-353122014AnaestheticOuter slope-
MO2 -16,777483-153,97385103122014Visual censusOuter slope-
MO2 -16,78135-153,976071-53122014AnaestheticOuter slope-
ML2 -16,78715-153,9729724122014Visual censusLagoon reefBuilt reef
ML2 -16,790717-153,974980-1,54122014AnaestheticLagoon reef-
ML1 -16,795833-153,9416764122014 Visual censusLagoon reefCoral head
ML1 -16,783167-153,942652-2,54122014AnaestheticLagoon reef-
ML3 -16,842117-153,9630825122014Visual censusLagoon reefBuilt reef
ML3 -16,83785-153,96915-105122014AnaestheticLagoon reef-
ML4 -16,824917-153,9251565122014Visual censusLagoon reefBuilt reef
ML4 -16,825417-153,92530,5-2,5 5122014AnaestheticLagoon reef-
MP1 -16,795-153,95545 46122014Visual censusLagoon reefBuilt reef
MP1 -16,7962-153,956551-15 6122014AnaestheticLagoon reef-
References Galzin R., Blay C., Falliex E., Letourneur Y., Moritz C., Parravicini V., Planes S., Sasal P., Siu G., Tanret D., Tolou N., Vigliola L., Williams J., 2015 - Biodiversité ichtyologique de la Polynésie française. Rapport Polychthyos, Ministère de l'Ecologie et du Développement Durable, Paris, RA 217 CRIOBE: 60 pages et 4 annexes.

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