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The densitiy of targetted invertebrates is evaluated using a belt transect (counting all the specimens in the 25 x 2 = 50m² belt transect), then the mean is computed using the 3 replicates per zone.

Targetted molluscs genus

English nameTahitian nameScientific name
Small giant clamPahuaTridacna maxima
Great green (marbled) turbanma’oa taratoniTurbo marmoratus
Horned helmetTara hituCassis cornuta
Commercial top shelltorokaTrochus niloticus

IMG 4385 Sept Doigts

Targetted echinoderm genus

English nameTahitian nameScientific name
Crown of thorns starfish (COTS)TarameaAcanthaster planci
Leopard sea cucumberRoriBohadschia argus
Black sea cucumber (lollyfish)RoriHalodeima atra
Pineapple sea cucumber (prickly redfish)RoriTelenota ananas
Spotted worm sea cucumber-Synapta maculata
Collector urchinAvaeTripneustes gratilla
Diadema sea urchinVanaDiadema sp.
Blue-black urchin (warning also diadema sea urchin)VanaEchinothrix diadema

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