Tongatapu (Tonga)

Memorandum of Understanding available here : MOU_Tonga.pdf

The transects and the thermometer are at -12 meters depth on the outer slope.
21°04.046'S/175°20.256'W (conversion DM/DMS)
The wave probe is at -38m.
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The Polynesia Mana since 2009

Icon Corail 35px The analysis of the coral cover is done using three methods:
Photo-quadrat coral transect
Coral survey by "manta tow"
Relevé photographique paysager
You can access to and to the photo quadrats
Icon Poisson 35px The fish are estimated using Relevé ichtyologique.
Here are the data
Icon Vague 80px The measures of the waves are done using the the SBE 26 Seagauge wave and tide recorder..
Here are the data
Icon Temp The temperature is recorded using the SBE 26 Seagauge wave and tide recorder (see the previous link to access the data) and also using the SBE 56 Thermometer.
Access to the thermometer data will be available soon.

Quadrat n°10 sur la pente externe de Tongatapu, en 2015/CRIOBE

Historique Tonga
Données brutes de suivi des équipements. Les dates affichées correspondent à la date de modification du fichier informatique en laboratoire.

2013-11-13 07:59:03CRIOBE > TongaCRIOBE > MooreaSBE26 houlographe 1303
2013-11-13 08:03:55CRIOBE > MooreaCRIOBE > TongaSBE26 houlographe 1280
2015-10-27 22:18:26CRIOBE > MooreaCRIOBE > TongaSBE26 houlographe 1303
2015-11-11 02:32:02CRIOBE > TongaCRIOBE > MooreaSBE26 houlographe 1280
2017-10-18 07:52:19CRIOBE > Tonga (14)CRIOBE > Moorea > CRIOBE (33)SBE26 houlographe 1303
2017-10-18 07:53:37CRIOBE > Moorea > CRIOBE (33)CRIOBE > Tonga (14)SBE26 houlographe 1303

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Mission octobre 2017
gsiu Thursday October 19, 2017

Retrait du thermographe SBE56 n° et Hobo n°
Changement de houlographe SBE26 n° de série 1303 (reprogrammation sur place)
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