Welcome to the SO CORAIL (Observation Service) web site
Service instated by the French national strategy to study biodiversity

The goal is to capture physical, physico-chemical and biological variations in time in coral reef ecosystems in order to detect, follow, analyse and model their evolution in conduction with environmental changes induced by human activities and climate change.
SO CORAIL is a service of the Institut national des Sciences de l'Univers (INSU), a French institution created by decree in 1985 with the mission to work out, develop and coordinate research of national and international reach in astronomy, Earth, Ocean and Space Science that are taking place in public establishments depending on the ministry of national education, and part of the CNRS, particularly of the scientific department of mathematics, physics, planet and Universe that groups the matching topics of which it reinforce and perennialize the action.

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1)  2017-04-10
Lancement suivi 2017
2)  2017-04-26
3)  2017-06-27
Tahiti (3 sites côte nord)
4)  2017-07-25
Moorea - Tiahura
5)  2017-08-21
Cook Islands
6)  2017-08-28
Série Galzin
7)  2017-09-11
8)  2017-10-16